I grew up in a food-centric family. Some of my fondest and earliest memories are of falling asleep under tables–in our dining room, at friends' houses, even in restaurants–as long and boisterous meals carried on above my head. We sat as a family for dinner each night, with no distractions and no kid food. We experimented with different cuisines. We tasted things that at first we hated and that we eventually came to love. We talked. We ate.

My grandmother was my first culinary mentor, teaching me how to separate an egg, what a “pinch” of salt means, and how to turn anything out of the garden or fished from the sea into a beautiful meal.
I have worked in the food world for 16 years, am currently working here, and have a private practice as a Certified Holistic Health Counselor.
I am a yogini, a rock climber, a runner, a cook, a lover of words, of books, of poems. Home is by the ocean. Any ocean will do.
For information about PREPARED FOODS, to schedule a FREE INITIAL HEALTH CONSULTATION and learn more about my HOLISTIC HEALTH COUNSELING PRACTICE please email me at jenniferhalltaylor@gmail.com.

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